Important Notice: Regarding Counterfeit Products

Dear valued customers,

We greatly appreciate your trust and support in our studio's products. However, we have recently discovered some unfortunate incidents where unscrupulous individuals have been falsely using our studio's name to sell inferior counterfeit products on e-commerce platforms. We are deeply shocked and dismayed by this discovery and have taken immediate action to address the issue.

We hereby solemnly declare that the only legitimate sales channel for our products is our official website: We do not operate any storefronts on any e-commerce platforms, and we have not authorized any third parties to sell our products. Therefore, we strongly urge everyone to make purchases through our official website to ensure that you receive high-quality authentic products and excellent customer service.

For those who choose to purchase our products from unofficial channels, we cannot guarantee the quality or authenticity of the products, nor can we accept any responsibility for any issues that may arise as a result. Hence, we advise everyone to steer clear of unofficial channels to avoid unnecessary risks and losses.

Lastly, we reiterate our firm stance against all forms of infringement and will take all necessary legal measures to protect our brand and the rights of our customers. We also call upon everyone to join us in supporting originality, rejecting piracy and plagiarism, and collectively upholding a healthy business environment and creative atmosphere.

Thank you for your understanding and support for our studio!


Taffu Studio Team